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Gold Hair Games. Would you like to be prettier about your hair? Do you want to learn how to prepare different
hairstyles? Do you want to know how to use a pair of scissors, brush, hair irons, or hair dyes of different colors?
Or do you want to play funny games with hair dressers? Choose a game in the side menu or from the pictures.



Barbie hair salon games

Princess Barbie online haircut's


A princess should looks always elegant and chic. Make a new beautiful hair to the Princess.

Barbie real haircuts


Super Barbie wants an original hairstyle, so let's create a cool hairstyle for her!

Girl hairgames


Barbie has special guests in her hair salon, pretty princesses visited her.

Barbie virtual hair salon


Please sit in the salon chair, while we shampoo your hair we will discuss the hair style you want

Barbie hair styling


Wet your hair, massage the hair care product into the scalp, and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Barbie online hair creator

hair creator

With short hair there are only a few hairstyles to choose from, but look at all the options with long hair.

Help - hair care


A painful and ugly hump sits on Barbie's head that she just noticed while washing hair. Luckily it will heal with the medicine she just got for it.

Barbie safari

Barbie safari

Safari is not only for men. Look how Barbie enjoys it, she is really brave though Ken did not join her.

Barbie hairdresser game


Invite Barbie to your hair salon and try to make your best so that she will be really satisfied and will be a regular visitor to your salon.

New fashion stylist


If you want to be a trend-setter in fashion you really need to be brilliant at the latest trends as well as at the retro style as both can be trendy and popular this year.

Barbie hairdresser and makeover


Here, have a seat, no need to worry, here every hairstyle turns out good looking. We pay great attention to the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Princess Barbie - hairdress

Princess Barbie

The princess' hair in incredibly long. She definitely needs some kind of braided hair. But which would be the best? Try out all of them!

Real Barbie Hairstyle


Choose a hairstyle and make it for Barbie, or make your own style. This is a professional Barbie game!

Barbie Princess - new hairstyles

Barbie beutiful

Barbie is a beautiful princess. She has many beautiful clothes and jewelry, and today you can choose for her which one to wear.

Barbie cute Hairstyle

Barbie Hairstyle

Barbi's long blond hair requires special treatment and care, to remain always glowing and soft.

Perfect Hair dresser - Barbie


Who wants to be neat, must go to hairdresser regularly, as a perfect haircut can't be done always at home.

Barbie Golden hair


Online haircut game for girls - hair wash and hairdresser. Create a wonderful hairfashion,

Super Barbie real hairdo


Super Barbie in the salon chair. Careful with those scissors!

Hair salon: wash and cutting


In the mirror on the right, you see how the hairstyle should look

Hair creator game


Create a new and wonderful hairdo for Barbie!

Baby Barbie braided hairstyle

Baby Barbie

Barbi was a little girl when she already had beautiful blonde hair and she played hairdresser with her girlfriends.

Barbie summer fashion

summer fashion

What will we need on the beach, hat, sunglasses, beach scarf and of course a cool swimsuit.

Best hairstyling tips - blonde girl

Best hairstyling

Different hairstyles match with different dresses and earrings, replace and change them as you feel, there are a lot of options.

Rocker Barbie


Rockstars often think it is cool to dress up shabby. Barbie decided to show and teach them that shabby is not the only choice if they want to look cool.

Best hair studio


What about your memory? You have 10 seconds to remember every detail of how to make a hairdo and then you can proove your memeory is good enough!

Christmas hairdo

Christmas hairdo

I love Christmas, I love the atmosphere, the snow covering the hills and streets, the warmth of fire in the fireplace and in the kitchen there are a plenty of gorgeously tasty food being prepared.

Barbie Hair Care game


Barbie is a little tangled this morning, to say the least. But for you, a skilled little hairdresser it will be child's play to choose a trendy style and of course to quickly make it.

Fittness Barbie

Fittness Barbie

Long blonde hair and nice blue eyes, and perhaps a bit thinner than she should be - do you know who this may be? Yes, it's Barbie. Let's have a look at how she primps herself in the bathroom.

Barbie the party girl


Choose for Barbie a hairstyle, to the party, where she goes. She loves to go to partys.

Barbie interactive hair salon game

Barbie hair

This is a completely new role for Barbie. A cool rock-band is looking for a new singer, and Barbie would like to join the band as their new singer. She only need a new hair-cut. Help her and style her!

Blond beauty

blond beuty

The blond beauty got soaked really badly, and currently her hair looks like a big bunch of straw.

Barbie hair styles and dress up game

barbie hair styles game

Barbie has birthday today. Prepare she to the even! Dress up and make up the Barbie!


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